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The purpose of a musical format is to store music. In order to store music digitally, you have to slice the audio signal and store each slice as a binary code. Also, the way the music is stored affects the shape of the music. For instance, MP3S “only record a limited range of frequencies and cut out the rest; small size but compressed sound”. Also, for records the grooves get “worn out as you play them, causing a ‘hiss’ sound.” Musical format has been used in different forms. For example, as records, tapes, MP3S, analogs, and digitally. I have experience with this technology because I have listened to records before. Most music uses a musical format and it influences the music because it helps to order sell and promote the music/artist. For instance, Tate McRae has started selling MP3S of her newest album “i used to think i could fly”. One of her most popular songs is “she’s all i wanna be”. https://youtu.be/uS_y_65CcpA

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July 2024

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