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the musical instrument I will be talking about is pen and paper. many people may think that this two object are not related to technology because they was born into a world that already discovered pen and paper. but never forget that without this instrument, music can never be passed down through writing, reading, and even symbols. it can only be passed down through memorization. the purpose of paper and pen is to be about to access music any year from the seconds it was written, by anyone who is interested in the musical piece. while talking about pen and paper, I am not just talking about the actual pen and paper but I am also including both the olden version and the modern version of pen and paper. the olden version may be ink and animal skin, while the modern version may be keyboard and digital screen. all of this are used to recording music so that the reader can digest the writer tone, lyrics, and many more.

an example of modern pen and paper will be https://youtu.be/Q6DlcfacMos

the music technology I have chosen have helped the reader learn precisely what the music composer was speaking about. this is very helpful because music now a days includes a lots of vocals, unlike music in the olden days which mostly include instrument and less vocal.

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