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I went to see Chase Atlantic perform in the summer of 2022. Chase Atlantic is a dark alternative pop group with elements of rock and R&B. They performed at Pier 17 which is a rooftop venue in Manhattan. There was a stage and the rest of the roof was full of people. I bought tickets for this concert 4 months before the actual day, because they sold out really fast. I really love Chase Atlantic’s songs, and 2 of my friends also did, so we all decided to go. The audience dressed how I assumed they would. Some had very emo/goth outfits, meaning a lot of fishnets, big black eyeliner, layered silver jewelry, lace, etc. Chase Atlantic consists of 3 guys, and they all dressed very causally, however, the lead eventually just wore pants. As for the interactions, all the fans screamed when the band performed, and there was a point where someone fainted and the band stopped playing and waited for the person to be brought to safety. What surprised me was that the band also threw water bottles at the crowd because it was really hot. Other than that it went as I expected. 

In comparison to the Khalid performance, they were similar because everyone had their phones out, sang along, and screamed when they started a new song. However, they are different because the performers had no dancers and the lead was jumping around a lot, unlike Khalid since it’s a different genre of music.

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