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Markakis Blog 9

I chose Joanne’s Music and Friendship playlist. Friendship is when people establish a connection/bond together where they can depend on one another, feel comfortable around each other, etc. Music, specifically lyrics, are a way of expressing something and that stands true for friendship as well. Another thing is if two people listen to the same type of music or artist, it creates a stronger bond between them. The songs that were chosen were good examples of the topic. The lyrics and context are sentimental which would be expected from songs about friendship.

One song I would use is “Friends” by V and Jimin of BTS. The song is about their own friendship. They reference their own inside jokes and even call each other “soulmates.” A musically interesting moment is the 2nd verse because it sounds so different from the rest of the song. It becomes more upbeat and V whispers and does a sound effect with his mouth. Another song is “Lunchbox Friends” by Melanie Martinez. The song touches on another side of friendship, superficial relationships. The lyrics refer to being friends for a while, then ignore and treat you badly after and how Melanie doesn’t want these kinds of friendships. A musically interesting part is the last part of the song where Melanie has an effect over her voice that makes it deeper while she repeats the chorus.

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