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Markakis Blog 9

I chose Joanne’s Music and Friendship playlist. Friendship is when people establish a connection/bond together where they can depend on one another, feel comfortable around each other, etc. Music, specifically lyrics, are a way of expressing something and that stands true for friendship as well. Another thing is if two people listen to the same type of music or artist, it creates a stronger bond between them. The songs that were chosen were good examples of the topic. The lyrics and context are sentimental which would be expected from songs about friendship.

One song I would use is “Friends” by V and Jimin of BTS. The song is about their own friendship. They reference their own inside jokes and even call each other “soulmates.” A musically interesting moment is the 2nd verse because it sounds so different from the rest of the song. It becomes more upbeat and V whispers and does a sound effect with his mouth. Another song is “Lunchbox Friends” by Melanie Martinez. The song touches on another side of friendship, superficial relationships. The lyrics refer to being friends for a while, then ignore and treat you badly after and how Melanie doesn’t want these kinds of friendships. A musically interesting part is the last part of the song where Melanie has an effect over her voice that makes it deeper while she repeats the chorus.

Blog 9 Roman

When it comes to the presentation of Music and Grieving. The connection between the topic and the two music entries is discussed in the presentation because she goes on to mention how “Grieving is a process that people all over the world experience but it is a different experience for everyone”. The songs chosen have been used in many funerals as well as used to remember those who lost their lives. It is also related because in this context music is used in different occasions, specifically funerals, and how the different songs take on the different stages of one’s grief process. For instance, in reference to the lyrics, “Ave Maria ” which was originally played in Catholic churches although it wasn’t intended to be used for prayer at first. Within the song a musically interesting moment is when you are able to hear both “complex cords’ ‘ and “Written in B Major”. Additionally, the next song “I’ll See You Again” by Westlife which is known to be under the soul and R&B genre goes on to encourage individuals to feel a sense of hope through the song. Musical characteristics include “High range in pitches toward middle and end of song” as well as 136 BPM for the tempo”. 

If I had chosen this topic as my own the two songs I would use would be “See You Again” and “Gone to Soon”. In the song  “See You Again” by rapper Wiz Khalifa and American Singer Charlie Puth. This song was created in memory of Paul Walker who had died in a car accident back in November of 2016. Although when taking a deeper look Charlie Puth’s song had inspiration from his own personal life when he lost his close friend in a motorcycling accident which helped fuel the making of this song. Though this song went on to help millions of individuals to mourn. A musically interesting moment would be at 0:54 to 1:14. During this part it changes from singing to Wiz Khalifa somewhat talking right into his rap. Here is where the tempo gets faster compared to the regular singing part since it is at a slower pace. This song connects to the topic because it goes on to remember a fellow friend who had lost his life. In the song, we are able to see how they talk about the day they will be able to see him again as well as reminisce about all the good memories they had. As for the other song, “Gone to Soon” by Michael Jackson. This song connects to the topic because the singer wrote it in memory of his late friend, Ryan White who died of AIDS at only 18 years old. The lyrics help paint a picture of what it’s like to lose someone so close to you, as he uses similes of natural pairs that are missing its other half. A musically interesting moment would be from 2:24 to 2:53. This is because during this part the tempo begins to pick up compared to the beginning and middle of the song where he is singing at a slow pace. You are able to hear the crescendo of the instruments along with the increasing passion in Jackson’s voice as he extends his ability to hit more extreme notes. However, the best part is when things settle down again at the end of the line, and his voice cracks as a result of his emotional pain. Overall, this relates back to the topic of grief because he is remembering the young kid who has passed on. 

Mero Blog 9

The connection between Music and Police Brutality was actually very interesting. Specifically our generation has been very vocal about our support in raising awareness for certain topics that has not had a lot of light shed on it but seeing all the different songs being chose really was eye opening. The lyrics itself were very straight to the point. Both songs overall had the message of civilians, specifically certain individuals have to struggle from violence and the purpose of the songs was to raise awareness on this topic so that civilians do not have to get hurt. One specific thing I was actually shocked at is when it was revealed that cops will hit anyone just to keep their job in KRS-One’s “Sound of Da Police”. In terms of Social context, it was also interesting to see that both songs were released in 1993-1994, very close in years. This could possibly because of the rise in police brutality and the need that artists felt to raise awareness

I would choose to write about Chains by Usher. Usher wrote this song

Blog 9 Sun

The presentation I found interesting was on the topic of Music and Animal Cruelty by Despina Markakis. The connection between animal cruelty and the two music entries discussed in the presentation is that music is used by many organizations to connect with people, and the message of raising awareness on animal cruelty is incorporated through the lyrics, background music, and the musicians performing for a charity. The first song that was discussed is called “Behind The Mask” by Goldfinger, which was released in 2005. The connection that this song has to the topic of animal cruelty was that it talks about and advocates for “animal liberation and related associations.” There is the use of a sample from the ALF and the arson attacks & bombings, as well as repetitiveness in the music and lyrics. The tempo is 175 BPM, and the notes are in B key. A musically interesting moment that was mentioned was the music stopping and being warped because it creates tension that the listener is able to feel. The second song that was talked about in this presentation was “Exotic Animals Suite: I. Exotic Birds” by Mark Dal Porto. This musical piece is a 3-movement woodwind quintet and is considered chamber music. The connection this piece has to the topic is that it was featured in an animal welfare magazine. The overall song has dissonant harmony, and polyphonic texture, as well as effective use of dynamics. A musically interesting moment included when the composer used mimesis, where the music reflected the sound of birds chirping, and this was done with a technique on the oboe.

If I wrote about this topic, two musical pieces I would pick include “Animal Parade” by the artist Brolin from Believe Sync and “Crying Alone” by the artist Jurrivh. “Animal Parade” was featured in WWF’s Fight For Your World campaign, where the instrumental version of the song is played while the screen displayed images and short videos of declining wildlife and polluted oceans/lands. This musical piece has mostly minor chords and the general melody is repeated. Instruments that can be heard include strings and brass, and a musically interesting moment is the ringing sound that is heard towards the end of the video clip, which gives an unsettling feeling that you need to take action. “Crying Alone” by Jurrivh was used in a YouTube video posted by the channel Official NYPTV, where it showed statistics about animal abuse, specifically for dogs, and what we can do to help stop the abuse from continuing. “Crying Alone” alters between major and minor chords, and there is also repetitiveness in the melody in some parts. The tempo of this song is very slow, thus giving off the sad feeling of being alone. A musically interesting moment is at 4:22, where the violin accompaniment fades away, and you see a tear roll down the artist’s face. This shows how music is really able to connect to the hearts of people because it is a language that can be understood by everyone, and thus it is a message that everyone can also receive.

Link to WWF’s Fight For Your World campaign video: https://www.lbbonline.com/news/believe-syncs-brolin-soundtrack-wwfs-animal-parade-psa-to-help-save-the-world

Animal Parade by Brolin

Link to Official NYPTV’s Animal Abuse video: https://youtu.be/OstSxst4un0

Crying Alone by Jurrivh

Blog Gultom 9

I really liked the second Music and Beauty presentation which showed that topics like body positivity and the concept of body images were prevalent in music and by making songs about them, artists bring a whole new awareness and understanding to the table. It’s feel-good music that’s supposed to encourage listeners to love their bodies and be comfortable in their own skin. The two entries in this playlist were “Beautiful” by Linda Perry and performed by Christina Aguilera, and “Scars to Your Beautiful” by Alessia Cara. The former came out at a time when Internet bullying and body shaming was rampant and the latter was performed at the “Life is Beautiful Fest” in remembrance of the girls who lost themselves within the ever-changing beauty standards of society and to remind them that they are perfect just the way they are.

If I had to write about this topic, I’d choose “Poor Unfortunate Souls” from the Little Mermaid (sung by Pat Carroll) and “21st Century Girl” by BTS. The songs in the actual presentation, while accurate to the topic, feel like common choices that cover the more positive aspects of body image and beauty. I wanted songs that felt like they could tie in altogether in some sort of “narrative.” “Poor Unfortunate Souls” is a great first example of a “villain” in this “narrative,” starting the playlist off with bad body standards and horrible stereotypes that typically plague women. Ursula tells Ariel that she’s helped people get thinner and become more beautiful in order to get their happy endings. Once she agrees to have Ursula’s assistance, Ariel is bombarded by “advice” that will help her keep the prince’s attention and that losing her voice is actually supposed to be helpful in the end. I also included “21st Century Girl” because unlike the others, this is a woman’s empowerment song sung by men! It isn’t that novel a concept, male artists singing about women’s beauty standards and how they suck, but this was the first one of these that I had heard of.

Marcial Blog 9

The presentation I am choosing to talk about is Music and World Peace Playlist (Ashton ). The author made a connection between music and world peace. Since music can be used as a way for sending a message, Artists can express their concern for the relations of our planet. World peace is something that is fought for everyday through numerous protesting and advocating. Music can help carry the message across the globe. The author mentions 2 songs which are “Heal the World” by Michael Jackson, and “We are the World” by USA for Africa. A musically intresting moment from Heal the world was at part (4:34) where people come together to sing the song and it creates a echo tone and less of Michael singing. A interesting moment for We are the world was at part (3:09) where all 45 singers are sining the harmony for the song.

Two songs I would choose for this topic are “We are here” by Alicia Keys, and “No more Trouble” by Bob Marley. “We are here” relates to the topic since Alica Keys believe in an empowered world community built on the true meaning of equality – where we are all considered one people, regardless of race, religion, gender, zip code, belief system or sexual orientation. “No more Trouble” relates to the topic since Bob Marley is tired of seeing wars happening around the world , and we need to bring love and having the strong help the weak. An interesting moment in “We are Here” the keys are being played and the kick drum thumping a few bars before the rest of the instruments start playing for the chorus. An interesting moment in “No more Trouble” is that there are three female vocals that are singing the chorus.

“We are Here” Alica Keys (2014) https://youtu.be/ktpUOHUwrUA

“No more Trouble” Bob Marley (1978) https://youtu.be/vPZydAotVOY

Zhuoyao #Blog 09

My presentation I chose is Music & Friendship by Joanne.Friendship refers to a long-term relationship between two people with trust, respect, and mutual understanding. Music is a kind of thing that can resonate with people. When two people who don’t know each other listen to the same singer’s song, then bonds can form. For me, a strong friendship is hard to produce, so I will cherish every friend I make.

Joanne talks about two songs, the first song is “For Youth” from Bts. Although I am not familiar with BTS, my high school friend likes BTS very much, she always talks about them with me. The song was written by BTS to thank the fans for their continuous support, which shows the friendship between the fans and BTS. While listening to the song (3:27), the fans can be heard singing along. I love it when one of them is singing and the others are singing in synch.

The second is “If You Suddenly Think of Me” by ChiliChill, a fan-written song released during the second-anniversary celebration of Genshin Impact. Coincidentally, I also play Genshin ^^, and I love this song. The song is about the friendship between the archons and the player because, during the story of the game, the player develops a strong friendship with the archons from four different countries. The interesting thing is that the song was sung by the archons’ voice actors in the game. The song is warm and catchy, with the guitar showing the melody at the beginning and the whistle added to make the song more interesting.

Friendship wasn’t the theme I chose, (I felt great joy while writing this blog, happy and warm music always makes people feel better :D) but my playlist is full of these kinds of songs. I chose two songs to relate to this theme.

1.Let the wind tell you(让风告诉你)by ChiliChill.

You may be familiar with the author because the song is also related to Genshin Impact. It’s from GenshinImpact’s first-anniversary celebration. The song shows the friendship between the player and companions who meet as they travel in the Genshin World. It’s a lovely song, with a bell sound at the beginning, accompanied by strings, which slowly get louder, and a short pause followed by a rhythmic drum beat. I enjoyed the climax at 2:57 when the chorus of “LaLaLa” made me feel warm.

2.キズナ(entanglement)by ANCHOR.

The song expresses the idea that friends can always be connected even if they are far away from each other. The video shows two girls doing the same thing in different places, with each other’s song playing in their headphones, before meeting as night falls. The song is also the theme song for the Japanese film sabakan, after two teenagers met by chance in the 80s and began their adventure to go see the dolphin. The two children in poverty, family discord, and even life-threatening influence, step by step become each other’s entanglement. By the end of the day, the dolphins are almost forgotten, but they have gained the most important friendship. At 3:43, you’ll hear some electric guitar sounds, with the drum beating and the singer singing, and the electric guitar will be louder at the end. The lyrics said that “As long as we are under the same sky, we will not be alone. Just like before, don’t give up. Let’s move forward step by step together.”. This song resonates with me. When I listen to it, it always reminds me of my friends on the other side of the earth.

Sanchez Blog 9

One of the presentations that I found interesting was Music & Mental health, since there is a lot of people who struggle with it in todays society. It relates to music because it spreads a message to people who suffer from mental health in order for them to seek help. Depression has also been higher in recent years which cause people to have higher risk of mental health.

If my topic would have been Music and metal health I think the song I would choose are, Breathin by Ariana Grande, René by Residente this song is composed by a Puerto Rican rapper in which he talks about dark moments and depression that he went trough, and one song that I wouldn’t change is 1-800-273-8255 by Logic. I would connect these pieces by talking how they relate to my topic, and how they each have a different way to make the song. And also how each artist expresses mental health in their own way.


Ahmed blog 8

The presentation I chose today to discuss is music and addiction. The connection between music and addiction is that people can reflect or speak about their addiction issues through the use and projection of music. In both songs, the lyrics spoke about the addictions of the singers and their feelings about it. If i wrote about this topic, 2 songs I would pick are sober by demi Lavato because she speaks on her addiction issues and lets us know the hardships, she went through and is going through. Another song i would choose is withdrawals by tom MacDonalds because he discusses the aftermath of addiction and how it isn’t so easy to just stop being addicted to something. It takes time and patience and is a very long process that is stuck with you.

Padda Blog 9

  1. Music and Racism by Justin

The topic is how music and racism is connected and how music often talks about the topic. In terms of the songs he chose, “Black Man” by Stevie Wonder. The song talks about different attacks on people of color that have occured and brings light to these social issues. Many different instruments are used and the important point in the song shown in class was very interesting as the instrumentals behind it were unique.

If I were to do the topic I would choose “Riot” by XXXTentacion and “The Bigger Picture” by Lil Baby. Both songs speak about racism especially towards African Americans and how police brutality occurs in America even in the 21st century. Both songs came up due to the Black Lives Matter movement and show the major protests that were going on at the time.

2. Music and Death by Regina

The topic is how death and music are often tied together and how death is shown in different music types like composition and game OSTs. “Dies Irae” – Death Motif, is a composition apart of Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique. It explores death through a drug dream, they signify death through its score and an interesting moment would be the first four notes as they show death. The 2nd song they used is “The Strings and Keys” from the game Omori. The song signifies the final duet between Mari and Sunny, after Mari killed his sister without meaning to. A prevalent moment is at 4:15 in which it shows a piano fadeout to a singular violin note. It is a beautiful song that signifies the loss of a loved one.

If I wrote about the topic I would use the “Welcome to the Death Parade” by My Chemical Romance and “Veil” by Keina Suda. Both songs talk bout the loss of loved ones. However, MCR uses the Black Parade as a way to set a narrative of life and death and the song signifies the start of the end. Veil on the other side, talks about the loss of a close person and how it affects them. Both songs are amazing. Veil at 0:50 bursts into a new timbre and pitch making it amazing, while death parade the first 40 seconds just set the tone of the song through its instrumentals.

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