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You Blog 6

A concert that I attended was a (G)I-DLE concert a few months ago in New York. This concert was their first world tour ever since their debut in 2018. Their style of music is Pop and they performed in a live music venue (Terminal 5). I attended this concert because I am a fan of theirs and this is the only time where they had a concert in New York since it’s pretty rare for Kpop Idols to open a concert in NYC. When I was attending the concert, one thing that shocked me the most was the interactions between the artists and fans. For example, when the idols were performing each song, the fan would sing along with then just like a fan chant. Also, the artist spoke in English throughout the entire concert because most of the times, there would usually be a translator. I also never thought there would be an actual interaction between the fans, but when there was a segment called “dance battle,” it includes the audience and the artists to dance and compete for the winning place. I would shocked and it was truly the best concert I had ever attended. Comparing to the concert that we went through in class, I feel like the most difference was the costumes and the music itself. The costume and music was more historical whereas in (G)I-DLE’s concert, their clothes and music was more modern and fits the Pop era.

You Blog 4

The song that I chose is “Fire” by 2NE1. 2NE1 was a South Korean girl group who was active between the years of 2009 and 2016. This song “Fire” was released in 2010 in the album “2NE1” and was written by Teddy Park, lyricist. The tempo of this song was about 126 BPM and it has a very happy mood to it. The genre of this song is more of electro pop and the meaning behind it was for its role in the expansion of the “fierce” and “independent” image in the industry’s girl group scene.

(G)I-DLE, a South Korean girl group under Cube Entertainment who is active from 2018 to present. During the year of 2019, they attended a survival show where different girl groups compete for first place known as “Queendom.” In this show, (G)I-DLE covered 2NE1’s “Fire” as it was part of their mission for a stage performance. In this performance we can see the difference between the instruments thats being played and also some lyrics. From saying, “We are 2NE1,” they changed it to “We are I-DLE” during the beginning of the performance. In the original track, the instruments give of a hip hop vibe, while in (G)I-DLE’s performance they use different types of instruments to give of a “Africa” vibe. The similarities was the tempo, both at 126 BPM and the choreography was the same too. What I like about the setting change is that when it comes to both groups, even though it’s the same song 2NE1 was trying to express “fierce” in this song. On the other hand, in (G)I-DLE’s performance they are showing off a fresh vibe but also trying to let the audience know that they can adapt to any concept if they want to.


(G)I-DLE – FIRE (Cover Stage)

You Blog 3

The musical technology that I chose is the instrument, electric guitar. The purpose of the electric guitar is that when hitting the string, it vibrates over a pickup and then the vibration converts into an electrical signal that can produce types of vibrating sound sounds. Electric guitars are designed for many types of genres in the music industry such as, rock, heavy metal, pop songs and more. Also, the electric guitar has brought a huge change in American music by sounds it produces and varies of music you can make out of, so as much as I want to learn how to play this instrument, sadly I never had the chance to.

The piece of music I chose that uses the electric guitar is “Tomboy” by (G)I-DLE arranged, written and composed by the member Soyeon. The electric guitar played a major component to this song because the genre of this song is rock and this instruments made this song pop out more and makes the listeners/viewers immediately know what type of concept (G)I-DLE is going for. Lastly, here is the music video of “Tomboy.”

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jh4QFaPmdss

You Blog 2

The song that I chose for this blog is called “Liar” by a Korean girl group, (G)I-DLE. This song is a b-side track from their latest album “I Never Die” written and composed by the member Yuqi and it has this rock vibe to it. I chose this song was because this song has a strong meaning behind it being to not care on what others think and live the way you want. The rhythm to this song has a fast beat where the tempo is around 174 BPM and the scale is a G Major. The texture of this song is more homophonic where there is the singer and accompanied by many chords since there are more that 3 pitches being played. The form is more of a Verse-chorus form and the instruments has more electric guitar and drums. Here is the song.

YOU Blog 1

I can say that the Twentieth Century music is the type of music that we all know till this day. It’s the time of music that has a rhythm and easy to choreograph. Comparing to all the other time periods, Twentieth Century has more of an advanced technologies and instruments. So what interest me the most during this time period was how they developed a different type of melody and music compared to the last time period. According to the reading packet it stated, ” Today the opportunities to hear music and the types of music that are available have expanded dramatically as a result of modern technology and increased contact among peoples.” This really made me wonder of how difficult it was to listen to music during the old days since technologies wasn’t as developed as today. So I was interested on how they came up with these modern instruments and technology during the Twentieth Century.

During the Twentieth Century, I know that music wasn’t like the type of music since the Medieval Period and so on. Twentieth Century music has more of a repetition and danceable rhythm like Jazz and Rock. It has a different type of style to it and when I listen to the music sound, It wasn’t what I expected but I can tell its more hyper than the other music sounds because I can hear them using technologies rather than just instruments. We can also see that many artists uses technologies to create the beats and melodies in todays world so it’s nice to read more about how music was created and how different music was during in each time periods.

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