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Something I would consider to be musical technology is a microphone . A microphone is ” an instrument that converts sound waves into electrical energy variations which may then be amplified, transmitted , or recorded”. It’s purpose is to amplify sound.To achieve its purpose it must go threw the process of electromagnetic induction , which is when the sound waves create electrical currents when attached to a speaker makes it louder and therefore you can now reach the ears of people all over a room , stadium etc. Even though the microphone is mostly used in music people are now using it for different things like creating content (Youtube , TikTok), Sports( spokesmen/woman), Ted Talks etc. I had my own personal experience with microphones because i used to participate in talent shows a lot for singing so using microphones is nothing new to me. The song I’m going to choose to prove my point is ” God is a Women” by Ariana Grande (the live version) after watching the video you can see how the microphone help her during her performance . Having the microphone allowed her to be heard all thorough the stadium clearly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKm4YqadSGw

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The song i will be using is ” Love on the Brain” by Rihanna. Rihanna is a Barbadian singer , that sings mostly pop music.Popular music is commercial music made to please the audience but it is quickly forgotten, not to me of course. I was around 10 or 11 when this song came out (i was not supposed to be singing this song)but when i heard it on the teen choice awards i was obsessed. I feel as though i have a great relationship with this song it makes me think of love and being loved by others , it captures my vision of love even though its supposed to be a song that describes love and hate. Hopefully I get to dance to this song at my wedding. Two musical elements i noticed in this song are rhythm and melody. When the song first starts there is a repeating melody that continues into the chorus. Then it changes completely to where multiple instruments are playing at the same time opposed to the two instruments that were playing before. Her voice is very low pitched throughout the whole song but that what gives it the rhythm or (the bopping head affect as i like to say). During the pre chorus she starts to uses phrases to build up the chorus. A interesting moment in the song is when the harmony became Dissonant during the chorus but was switched back to consonant as son as the chorus was over. I think that is what made the song stand out to me because it just feels like she put her all in to that song.

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The Romantic period (1820-1900) was a period that focused on emotional intensity, breaking rules and individual experiences. The most common definintion for this period is , ” romantic is applied to literature , visual arts and music that emphasize imagination over objective observation, intense emotion over reason, freedom and spontaneity over order and control”. One thing i find very interesting about this time period is that dramatic stories could be told without words.

One thing i already know about this time period is the romantic period did not mean romance, most music was about war and personal feelings not love and this is why i feel like this is the most misunderstood period. The text book describes the romantic period as a adventure for the musician it was like a rebel era , something not seen before.

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