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the song I choose is titled Last Last by burnt boy. the artist was once a grammy winner whose genre is Afro-beat. some people argue that his genre is not afro-beat, while others claim the mixture of R&B, reggae, Afro-beat and more. burns boy mixes his lyrics with mostly Yoruba, English, and other dialect of English. his songs also include street slang. my relation to this is the content and the message of the song. this content include hearth- break, and personal life. this song was global summer national anthem.I think everyone vibe to the song because of the melody tone burns boy utilizes. the melody sound wave is too easy to remember that both people who understand the lyrics, and of those who can’t translate the lyrics was able to hum to the beat. I also notice that the Dynamics was stable and a high deep beat after every four head nod. the texture of the song was crescendo at some point while it changes to decrescendo at other point of the song. the texture was changing at different section of the song.

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