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The one and only concert I have ever been to was a Queen tribute band called Almost Queen a few years back. They performed Queen songs with are in the genre of rock. The concert took place in an inside concert theater. The stage was placed in the middle with seating all around. The concert was a surprise for me and my cousins that were visiting from Tennessee near the end of the summer. The performers dressed just like the original Queen band did in the 80’s. The audience and I dressed casually, some in Queen shirts. The performers would sometimes interact with the audience, with both sides singing lyrics back and forth. The reformers would move around the stage especially the one who resembled Freddie who danced and moved around the stage the most. The audience would whoop and cheer and sing along through the entire performance, which is exactly what I expected because I did the exact same thing. This performance was very similar to the one we saw in class with Khalid said. Everyone was singing, dancing along, swaying to the music, and having their phones out to take pictures and video. Both performances showed life and excitement. 

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