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recently, I went to Davido concert. Davido is an African music artist who genre in afropop, pop, and acrobat. the concert venue was prospect park in Brooklyn, and it was an outdoor concert with a temporary stage develop just for the artist to perform and entertain the present audience. I decided to attend this concert because my high school year was coming to an end, and I need some fun outing before starting college. and also my brother paid for the tickets which gave me access to the concert.

the concert was very fun in many ways. first the concert include a system of call and response where Davido and his group shut down the mic and other instruments while the audience complete the lyrics to the song. on other ways too, Davido was showing different movements. he doesn’t just stand still and perform. he was jumping, switch between walking and jogging, and dancing. I was suprise that he also uses other instrument that wasn’t included in the songs he sang. also he brought up other artist too.

comparing Davido concert to jimi hendrix concert, the two concert was outdoor, but Jimi concert has more people and looks more coathic than Davido concert.

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