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Prompt for Blog 9

During our in-class presentations, you were asked to take notes on at least three presentations that you found interesting but had very different topics from your own. Pick one of those presentations and answer the questions below.

To help you answer these questions, the slides for everyone’s presentations will be linked the evening after they present in-class.

  1. In your own words, summarize the connection between the topic and the two music entries discussed in the presentation. Lyrics? Social context? Musically interesting moment?
  2. If you wrote about this topic instead of your own, what kind of music would you pick? Pick two songs/pieces that the author didn’t discuss in their presentation. How would you connect these songs/pieces to your topic? Lyrics? Social/historical/cultural background? Musically interesting moment?

If you prefer, you can include links to your song choices on Youtube or Spotify.

This blog is due on Monday 12/19 at 11:59pm.

Refer to the Posting Guidelines to make sure you get full points for this blog. For help with posting your blog, check out the How-To Guide. You can earn a point of extra credit by reading a classmate’s blog and posting a substantial comment before Wednesday 12/21.

Links to Presentations

Day 1

Music & Racism (Justin)

Music & Feminism (Punesha)

Music & Grieving (Susan)

Music & Feminism (Ibrahim)

Music & Animals (Despina)

Music & Death (Regina)

Day 2

Music & Economics (Kai)

Music & Addiction (Adriana)

Music & Beauty (Megan)

Music & Beauty (Ellie)

Music & Feminism (Katia)

Music & Rebellion (Soja)

Day 3

Music & Poverty (Marcus)

Music & World Peace (Ashton)

Music & Police Brutality (Kayla)

Music & Friendship (Joanne)

Music & Inequality (Luis)

Music & Mental Health (Salina)

Music & War (Anand)

Music & Addiction (Nav)

Music & Feminism (Zhuoyao)

Music & Death (Sophia)

Music & Racism (Derick)

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