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Recently, Steve Lacy did his “Give You the World” tour. Many people were excited but to their dismay, it went south very quickly. With the tickets being SUPER expensive as well as almost immediately being sold out within the first 30 minutes to one hour, fans thought they were going to get the performance of a lifetime. That couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

With every seat and floor being filled with people, there wasn’t much room for anybody to move. The crowd started to get very annoying and the focus towards the show quickly turned to talk amongst themselves. This irritated Lacy especially since this is his music that he wants his fans to appreciate. Not only that but it’s basically a waste of his time. Since I never went to a concert, I just expected it to be fans singing along with the artist and once they finish performing, they receive a round of applause and exit the stage. But, in one of the performances, the crowd was singing one of Lacy’s most popular choruses and only managed to sing that small section of the entire song. This further upset him because he was expecting to have an audience that completely knew the lyrics to his songs. But there was one more thing that Steve Lacy did that shocked me. While he was performing, fans kept tossing their phones on stage so Lacy could record on them. Already at his limit with his aggravating fans, he decided to take one of their phones and throw it as hard as he could on the stage, resulting in the phone splitting into multiple pieces. He then proceeded to walk off stage and end the show for the night.

This did NOT match my expectations whatsoever. Even if the performers didn’t talk to the audience, compared to the concerts that were reviewed in Unit 7, I was expecting to see a much calmer/happier environment especially since most concerts nowadays have the artist interacting with their listeners frequently. For example, in the “You Are Dead” concert, there wasn’t anyone talking to each other or people singing along with the stage. There were just the performers doing their job with an audience that came to appreciate and soak up the music they came for. Not phones being destroyed on stage with the performers leaving the stage and ending the entire show.  

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