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Osun theme from Beyonce hold up

Osun is a Yoruba deity. she was one of the wives of the god of thunder (Sango). Her original name is oya, but she turned into water in an area called Osun, so I guess her name is also Osun because the river is called Osun river. Oshun is known for her showing of love, beauty, fertility, water, purity and many more. depict being a deity, she is also known for human attributes like jealousy, vanity, spite and more. She is depicted as the protector and the nurture of human beings. she is known to give live and also to take it when being angered through bringing forth flood, destroying livelihood etc.

how to teach the relationship between Hold up by Beyonce and Osun

This Youtube video is the music-video I would play. after explaining my content of Osun to the class, then I will continue be pointing out the imported theme of Osun in this video. these themes includes and not limited to yellow cloth, river, flood, destruction of property, beauty, anger etc. after my lesson, I will then ask the class what other theme of Osun in the video have I not included, If any, and explain the relationship.

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