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Prompt for Blog 1

Based on the first letter of your last name, you will write a blog (around 200 words long) about one of the six historical periods of Western art music described in Reading Packet 1. Before writing this blog, make sure to read pages 19-40 of Reading Packet 1.

Medieval: A-D

Renaissance: E-J

Baroque: K-M

Classical: N-R

Romantic: S-V

Twentieth Century: W-Z

Your blog should discuss the following questions: What about this historical period is most interesting to you? What do you already know about the period? How does the textbook describe the music from that period?

Pick one of the “Major Figures in Music” listed under your period in pages 19-40 of Reading Packet 1. Look up and listen to some of their music. Does the music sound like what you expected from the textbook or your own knowledge? Why or why not?

Due Sunday September 11 at 11:59pm.

Refer to the Posting Guidelines to make sure you get full points for this blog. For help with posting your blog, check out the How-To Guide.

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