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Prompt for Blog 6

In our Music in Concert unit, we discussed how different types of concerts included different expectations for performers and audiences. In this blog, you will reflect on a concert or live music performance that you’ve attended (in-person or virtually). If you’ve never been to a concert before, find and watch a concert on Youtube that shows both the performer and audience. If you need help finding a concert, send me an email.

First, introduce the performing artist/group, the genre of music they performed, and the space they performed in (for example, a concert hall, a bar, a park, etc). What made you decide to attend or watch the concert?

Then, discuss how the performers and audience behaved (for example, dress style, interaction with the performer/audience, movement, etc). Did anything surprise you, or did everything match with your expectations?

Finally, compare this concert to one of the concerts we discussed in Unit 7.

Due Sunday October 30 at 11:59pm.

Refer to the Posting Guidelines to make sure you get full points for this blog. For help with posting your blog, check out the How-To Guide. You can earn a point of extra credit by reading a classmate’s blog and posting a substantial comment before Sunday November 6 at 11:59pm.

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