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I had never seen a concert before I started this project, and I chose Taylor Swift’s Concert after doing some searching. After watching the concert, I was hooked. The concert that I chose was “Taylor Swift ‘s reputation Stadium Tour 2018”. Taylor is an American singer-songwriter whose songs come in many different styles. Each of her songs is like a little story that creates a picture in my mind as I listen to it. The concert took place in the stadium. Reflecting themes of Reputation, the concept of the Reputation Stadium Tour incorporated Goth subculture, Broadway theatricality, and snake motifs.

I like the song in the concert called “Style/Love Story/You Belong With Me”.She mashup the three songs very smoothly and harmoniously. She switched songs before I knew it, and the smoothness was amazing. At the beginning of each of these songs, the audience will cheer and shout. In the middle, the band comes out and Taylor says to the audience: “Dallas, will you please make some noise for my incredible bank?” Then the audience cheers. Taylor’s words and songs lifted the mood of the audience. The audience danced and waved their hands, singing along with Taylor.

I was surprised by the design of this concert because the songs have so many styles, and the stage changes depending on the song style, after “Style/Love Story/You Belong With Me“ and a moment of darkness, Taylor changed clothes and brought the crowd to their peak again with “Look What You Made Me Do.”Completely different styles was shock me. It was a perfect concert.

Compared with the“First movement of Symphony No. 5, composed by Ludwig van Beethoven, Performed by the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, conducted by Daniel Barenboim” There is a big difference between them. Taylor’s concerts focus on the songs and interaction with the audience. Taylor will channel the audience’s mood and immerse them in the atmosphere of the concert. Beethoven’s concerts are focused on the performance of the music, the audience will not hum along with the music, very quiet to listen to the orchestra. The audience clapped only at the beginning and the end.

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