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I attended a BTS concert in May 2019. BTS is a K-POP group that performed music in a few different genres such as hip hop, pop, R&B, etc. The concert was held at Met Life Stadium. The performers changed outfits throughout the concert to fit the music set. They danced and interacted with the crowd energetically. Fans had “Army Bombs” which are light sticks created specifically for BTS. At one point of the concert close to the end, BTS told the fans to make a wave which they directed. They also took a selfie on stage with all the fans in the background. Throughout the concert, fans cheered loudly and sang along to the lyrics. They even yelled a fan chant at certain points in some songs. What surprised me the most was people loudly singing along to the music videos before the concert itself started. However, I expected fans to do the fan chants. This concert reminded me of the Khalid concert we looked at in class because of the way the fans interacted with the performer and the dancers.

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